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Mrs. Linda Roy, 2nd grade

My mom never had a problem with getting me to school or getting me to do my homework. In fact, the problem was keeping me home when I was sick.  To this day, I have a stamp from Spain that my 2nd grade teacher gave me, and memories of my anatomy teacher’s outfits and the fact that she was one of the first women to graduate from Notre Dame in her field.  I was in school until I was 44.  


In 1979, at 17, I enrolled into Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana thinking I wanted to go into Computer Science.  This was at the beginning of the Computer Age and I didn’t like waiting in line to print my IBM cards in order to run my program. I also had a memory of a neighbor boy that had braces on his legs and rode a special bus to school. I witnessed his mom making him struggle on his own to get from the bus to the front door. It was that memory and the love for science (medicine) that had me walking into the Special Education Department.  I was discouraged by a program counselor as it was a 3 year program. That would mean a fifth year for me, but that was what I wanted. I proudly graduated (the first in my family) in 1984 with a teaching degree in Special Education and a minor in Emotional Disturbance.


My fiancee was living and working in New York. So, off I went. I accepted my first teaching job in Blauvelt, New York that same year. I worked with 4 and 5 year olds. We married in June of 1985, and shortly after that we were moving to Longmont, Colorado. In order to teach special education in Colorado, I had to have a master’s.  So, I enrolled into a Learning Disability Master’s Program at the University of Northern Colorado.  In 1988, my first son, Justin, was born. I had my second teaching position in the Loveland School District of Loveland, Colorado. I now was teaching high school students, going to school, and raising a child. I was busy, but it was going to get busier!


December of 1989, we moved to our first of 4 homes in California. I had just finished my master’s degree. I have been at Katherine since 1996. I started as a resource (SAI) teacher, but have been in 3rd and a bit of 2nd since 2005/6.  All the meanwhile, up until 2005, I had to attend classes to secure my teaching credential. In 1991, my second son, Cameron, was born.  Our family has had tragedy.  My boys lost their dad at young ages. Justin was 15 and Cameron was 12 when their dad died after years of illness. I was a single mom, attending school, teaching, and paying all the bills.  


I remarried my best friend’s brother (of which gave me rides home when I was a teenager), my boys are now young, independent men. They are my joy and kept me going when I thought I couldn’t! My students are my smile and keep me young at heart.


My personal philosophy on education:

~All children are like sponges and can/want to learn.

~Parents are the first and most important influence on their learning.

~The ages between 0-5 set the foundations.

~High expectations work.

~Communication, reading, and language are a requirement at the beginning.

~All children learn differently and at a different rate.

~Successful students have parents/family that value and talk education!