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Mr. Layton Spracklen, 4th grade

Growing Up with two parents as educators, one might think that this was the reason I went into education. However, this wasn’t the case. Growing up, I wanted to be a television broadcaster. It wasn’t until college that I decided I wanted to go into the field of teaching.

I received my Bachelor’s degree from California State University Fresno in Speech Communication. I also received a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Education from Azusa Pacific.

I love staying active and exercising. My motto is “Work hard and then you can play hard.” I love playing basketball, going camping and going on walks with my family. My wife and I have one daughter, Stella, who is involved in Girl Scouts and our church music group.

My passion is helping kids. The best feeling for me as an educator is when I help kids learn something they didn’t know before. I try to learn at least one new thing each day and hope that my kids do too.

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